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"I wanted to thank you and your team for the great show you produce. You have it well organized for vendors to access their spaces and your efforts at advertising brings in a great crowd.

We look forward to attending for many years to come."

- Rick Beckham

"So much fun, great vendors, great food, great people"

- Julie Hudgens

Great many things to see and eat. The Music tent is a great bet. I always enjoy shopping the antique stores too! Wear comfy shoes and sunscreen...plan on strolling around at your leisure....the vendors offer a huge variety of handmade goods. Everything from pottery, leather, wood signs, jewelry, gemstones, team wear, sweets, gyros, and so much more. The shady park on the corner of University and 13th, Rather Park, has free things for kids all day long plus dance, karate, and clogging performances. This is one great fair and I have been going for over 25 years. It is always the first Saturday in October

- Tracey Philip Holbrook

"Family friendly fun!!! So much to see and the food is always good! Look forward to this event every year!"

- Stephanie Sheffield


We own a small boutique business and have been to probably 50 different fairs, festivals and events from small towns to large corporate sponsored events.  What we experienced coming to your city, to your event was absolutely the best experience we have ever had.  I can honestly say that from the registration process up until the time we exited the city and stopped at Sonic, we were shown such hospitality and friendliness.  The volunteers were so kind and came around often with a smile offering assistance and to ask if we needed anything.  The sponsors should be proud that an event of this caliber was held in their city.   We can't wait be back next year!

-Michelle Kuempel

Eberle's Boutique


The Huntsville Chamber of Commerce created an amazing event. The volunteers did a great job. There were great vendors and so many creative ideas.

- Vicki McKenzie

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